System 1 Installation Manual

To be read in conjunction with wiring diagram
Important information - Read before you start wiring.

  1. Use ONLY CAT 5 cable for installation of the System 1 intercom. (Three pair individually twisted telephone cable acceptable but not recommended) Check cable by stripping back approximately 500mm of the sheath to see if the pairs are twisted.

    DO NOT USE any other cable e.g. data cable , alarm cable etc. as the system will not operate correctly.

  2. When roughing in the cables try to keep them as far away as possible from 240v cables to avoid 50hz induced hum pick up. Provide a horizontal mounting bracket on stud walls or wall box on brick walls.

  3. If adding extra room stations to the System 1 Do not install room stations back to back on the same wall , preferably not even on same dividing wall otherwise acoustic feedback may occur.

  4. Wire all room stations back to the exchange unit location , preferably in a central location and near a 240v power point. Wire front door station directly back to the exchange unit in the same type of cable. If the front door station is on a brick wall provide a vertical flush wall box (Clipsal Part No 157/1).

  5. When fitting off room stations carefully strip cables and if looping twist the cables together. It is advisable to check cabling for shorts or open circuits prior to fitting off equipment.

  6. Refer to wiring diagram for colour connections and DO NOT CHANGE THE COLOUR CODE as the system will not work correctly.

  7. After fitting off exchange unit remove covering off double sided tape and attach to wall.

  8. Connect 16v power supply to appropriate exchange terminals.

  9. Test system for correct operation and adjust pre-set pots on exchange unit for both voice and chime volume if necessary. System may squeal if voice volume is turned up too high.

  10. When fitting off front door station in a position where it may be exposed to weather run a bead of silicone along top and back edges of plate to stop water running down behind plate.
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