System 1 User Guide

Installed System 1 comprises of the following equipment:

1. One Front Door Station .
2. One ( or more ) Room Station .
3. One Control unit.
4. One Low Voltage Plug Pack .
(Electronic Latch is optional extra).

When a caller presses the illuminated push button on the front door station the electronic chimes will be heard from the inside room station(s)

To answer the caller the person inside presses the TALK button on the room station and speaks in a normal voice approximateley 15 cm from the unit. The button must be pressed all the time whilst talking. When finished talking release the TALK button and listen to the caller. The caller speaks hands free back to the room station.

To unlock the front door (if electronic latch is fitted) press the LOCK button for 3-4 seconds.

When the conversation is complete the system will automatically go into standby mode.

The volume of both the chimes and speech can be adjusted on the control unit by the installer at the time of installation.

The equipment should only be cleaned with a damp cloth. DO NOT USE CLEANING CHEMICALS OR SPRAYS as these may damage the units.

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