System 3 intercom announces your callers with a delicate two tone chime.

Room to Room Communication
The System 3 intercom facilitates room to room as well as front door communication for ultimate convenience. Remote unlock your front door with an optional door latch.

Baby Monitoring
Children's rooms and the nursery can be monitored at any time. The choice is yours with this standard System 3 feature.

Privacy Ensured
Push the privacy button and all other room stations are blocked from monitoring that room --- a must for master bedroom privacy.

Add Some More
The cost of additional room stations is minimal. This makes adding up to five additional room stations to the basic System 3 very economical.

Music to all Room Stations
Never miss a beat! Enjoy 'piped' music throughout the house and the music will 'follow' you wherever you go when the radio or stereo is connected to your System 3 intercom --- an inexpensive and highly popular optional extra.

Kit comprises:
1 front door station.
3 room stations.
1 control box.

Optional Extras:
Extra front door station.
Electric door latch.
Extra room stations.
Music input plate.


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