System 3 User Guide
    The front door station consists of a plate with an illuminated push button. When the button is depressed a call tone will be heard out of each room station.

    The room stations consists of a plate with 5 push buttons labelled as follows:

  3. PR This button, when pressed and the red light is on, isolates that room from communication in both directions to other room stations and to the front door station including the call tone.

  4. PA This button, when pressed, allows you to talk to the other room stations if they are not switched to privacy as above. Keeping the button depressed speak at normal voice level approximately 100mm from room station plate then release button when finished speaking. Your voice will be heard through all other room stations. The person(s) in the other rooms can then talk back to you using the same method.

  5. FD This button, when pressed, allows you to talk to the front door station. When you release this button you will automatically be able to hear the person at the front door with out them having to press any buttons. A short period of time after the FD button is released the front door station will then switch off.

  6. LK This button, when pressed, energizes the electric latch (if fitted) at the front door allowing people to enter. When this button is released the latch is de-energized returning to its normal state.

  7. MO This button, when pressed and the red light is on, allows the other room stations to monitor any sounds in this room. No more than 3 monitor buttons should be on at any one time.When this button is on the front door push button tone will not be heard in that room. When the system is on monitoring a slight hum may be heard out of the room stations due to electrical interference within the home. This cannot be avoided completely.

    OPTIONAL INPUT JACK. This allows music etc. from your sound system to be "piped" throughout the home to each room station with the volume being controlled by a knob on the input jack plate. When the PA, FD or MO buttons are pressed the "piped" music is automatically muted and resumes a few seconds after they are released. Always turn the knob fully anti-clockwise when not in use.
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