System 3 AV, as the name suggests, is an integrated audio-visual door answering and monitoring system that provides security as well as convenience. When a visitor presses the call button on the front door station, a tiny camera is activated. You can automatically view the caller's image on the TV monitor inside your home.

This CCTV product will allso allow you to communicate with your caller while viewing from the monitor station without the need to open the front door. Add to that all the basic functions of the Sytem 3 intercom unit and you have the ultimate in technologically advanced intercom systems.

Kit comprises
Brushed stainless steel front door panel complete with camera, illuminated push button, and communication speaker.

Internal colour monitor* unit with integral system 3 room station.

Two extra System 3 room stations (up to five additional room stations available as optional extras)

System 3 AV control box.

* Monitor picture will be monochrome unless coupled with a colour camera which is an optional extra.


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