System 3 AV Installation Manual
  1. Start by installing front door camera unit in accordance with wiring diagram.

  2. Install monitor unit in the following manner.
    (a) Remove cover from monitor unit by gently levering out from underneath the head of the canoe clips with a small screw driver. Hold metal chassis against wall and mark fixing screw locations. Drill and insert anchor plugs.(Ensure monitor is installed at eye level for optimum viewing quality).

    (b) Push connecting cables through the central hole and temporarily attach chassis to wall with top two screws.

    (c) Connect wires as per wiring diagram.

  3. Fit off exchange control box and power supply as per wiring diagram.

  4. Fit off all room stations as per wiring diagram.

  5. Return to monitor unit and press door button (FD) and note quality of image from front door station / camera unit. If brightness needs adjusting and desired effect cannot be obtained by manipulating the brightness (BR) knob on the front of the monitor unit then adjust by way of the master brightness and contrast control facility on the back of the monitor unit. When image is satisfactory then affix the monitor unit permanently to the wall.

  6. If wiring a music input jack use SINGLE CORE SHIELDED MICROPHONE CABLE

Care must be taken to ensure that the liquid crystal monitor screen is not scratched or damaged during the installation process.

Clean monitor and other components of the System 3 CCTV product with a damp cloth only.

Commercial cleaning products may damage the surface of the monitor screen and other acrylic surfaces of this system. Clean front door station with a soft cloth slightly dampened with fine grade machine oil. This will remove any finger marks and dust.

Extreme care must be taken not to get any oil on the camera lens.

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