Power supply   16 Volt AC Plug Pack

Maximum Power requirements   1 Amp

Speaker audio output power per unit   250mW maximum

Operating temperature   0-60 Deg C

Cable type   3-Pair, indivudually twisted
Front door station
116mm(H) x 75mm(W) x 13mm(D) mounted
  Systems 1, 2 and 3

Room Station - Selection from all systems
75mm(H) x 116mm(W) x 13mm(D) mounted
  System 1 System 2 System 3 & 3 AV

Front Door Station (camera unit)
(System 3 AV Only)
230mm(H) x 125mm(W) x 3mm(D) mounted
  Sysytem 3 AV Only

Room station (monitor unit)
(System 3 AV Only)
205mm(H) x 145mm(W) x 45mm(D) mounted
  System 3 AV Only
Specifications and dimensions are subject to change.Check your supplier.
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